Scaling carbon removal to reduce global warming

In Removr, we develop solutions for removing CO2 from the atmosphere and store it permanently in the geosphere.

Removr’s ambition is to become the global leader in Direct Air Capture. It starts with the world's first large-scale solid sorbent carbon removal facility, leveraging the best available technology, unique Nordic advantages, and a world-class team and partners.

About DAC

Direct Air Capture (DAC) plants remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere, store it permanently and thereby achieve negative emissions which can be sold as removal credits. Credits are bought by companies with net zero ambitions and their CO2 abatement costs is a key driver for willingness to pay. In 2021 – H1 2022, DAC removal credits were valued at more than EUR 1,000 per ton on average1.

It is widely accepted that climate goals will not be met without carbon removal being developed at scale. And DAC is one of few promising technologies. Net Zero requires two 1-million-ton carbon removal plants (DAC/BECCS) to come on stream every week until 2050. Current DAC projects under development may achieve only 1 million ton of CO2 carbon removal combined per year by 20252, however public and private investments into DAC are accelerating.


1 Removr estimate based on publicly disclosed company data

2 McKinsey, 2021.

Removr’s strategy for long-term growth and value creation

Developing the world’s first large-scale solid sorbent DAC facility

Ambition to launch first 1-million-ton DAC plant in 2027

Deploying the leading, most scalable technology

Flexible, environmentally friendly and energy efficient DAC technology enabling economies of scale

Leveraging access to clean energy, carbon capture knowhow and infrastructure

Norway and Iceland offering the world’s best launchpad for large-scale DAC

Executed by proven team and world-class partners

Team with industrial scaling track-record, local relationships and partners with deep carbon capture and storage expertise


50 tpa

Executed small-scale pilots

  • A series of four pilots up to 50 tons CO2 per year from GreenCap

  • Proof of concept for GreenCap’s DAC technology

300-1,000 tpa

Pilot 1 — Norway

  • Demonstration project in Technology Center Mongstad

10-100,000 tpa

Pilot 2 — Iceland/Norway

  • A commercial large-scale pilot capable of capturing up to 10,000-100,000 tons of CO2 annually

1 million tpa

Large-scale 1 — location TBD

  • Removr's first large-scale solid sorbent DAC plant with capacity of 1 million tons CO2 per year


Zeolite-based capture of molecules in microporous pellets has been used for decades in the space and petroleum industries at large scale. Removr’s zeolite DAC technology is based on GreenCap patented technology which has been proven through four small-scale pilots since 2016. While being the most environmentally friendly among known DAC technologies, Removr’s solution also offers clear cost advantages due to its energy effiency. Removr’s ambition is to reduce electricity consumption by more than 50% compared to current DAC plants.

  • Proven through successful pilots

  • Leading on capture and energy efficiency

  • Environmentally friendly, no toxic by-products

  • Zeolite is stable and easily available, enabling quick scale-up

  • Unique technology and internationally patented IP

Photo: GreenCap Solutions, Annelin Rygg Ersland

Greencap Solutions project


With headquarters in Oslo, Norway, and an industrial pilot being developed in Iceland, Removr is ideally located in two of the world’s leading carbon removal industry clusters.

Norway’s Technology Centre Mongstad is the world’s largest and most advanced centre for testing and developing CO2 technologies. Iceland is home of the world’s largest DAC plant and offer unique opportunities for piloting direct air capture combined with permanent storage.

Beyond offering world-class expertise, Norway and Iceland provide access to low cost and renewable energy, an established value chain for transport and storage of CO2, and strong national and local political support.


The Removr team combines deep expertise on adsorption technology, industrial experience, and track-record from rapid scaling and capitalization of green industry projects.

Picture of Einar Tyssen

Einar Tyssen

Founder of Removr. Previously Business Director Floating Energy Production at DNV. International experience from eighteen years in DNV and eight years in the senior management team in Fred. Olsen Energy as technical director, chief business development officer, global risk manager and strategic crisis manager. MSc Marine Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Picture of Rune Knott

Rune Knott

Previously General Manager at Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, responsible for LNG terminals and Liquefaction plants. Previous roles include Business Development Manager at Wärtsilä and Contract Manager and Project Manager at Hamworthy Gas Systems, ABB and Refeigneration Engineering in Norway and internationally. MSc Mechanical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Picture of Jesper Børs-Lind

Jesper Børs-Lind
Business Development

Serial entrepreneur and former trader, analyst and business intelligence architect. Nine years as founder and business developer. MSc Business Development, Copenhagen Business School. BSc Industrial Economics & Technology Management, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Additional higher education within computer engineering, psychology and finance.

Picture of Tor Christensen

Tor Christensen
R&D, GreenCap Solutions

Decades of international experience from process industry and CO2 related challenges, and renown as one of the world’s leading experts on CO2 removal. Head of R&D at GreenCap Solutions. Previously, CTO and co-founder of Fantoft Process Industries and Research Group Leader and Process Engineer at Norsk Hydro. PhD Chemical Engineering, Purdue University.

Picture of Anders Hærland

Anders Hærland

Managing Partner in Vanir Green Industries, Removr’s main owner. Recent roles include Investment Director Ventures, Vice President Business Development and Project Director for batteries in Equinor. Previous head of the CEOs Office in Equinor (Statoil) and personal advisor to former President and CEO, Helge Lund. MSc International Relations, London School of Economics.


Vanir logo

Vanir Green Industries
Green industry initiator and investor

The initiator of Removr and 60% owner, with an ambition to scale carbon removal and develop a global DAC leader.

BR Industrier logo

BR Industrier
Green industry initiator and developer

GreenCap’s initator and main owner, and Removr’s partner on industrialisation and commercialisation of DAC.

Greencap solution logo

GreenCap Solutions
Environmental technology provider

Removr’s technology partner and 40% owner, having developed a zeolite-based solution for solid carbon capture (S-DAC).

Sintef logo

Independent research organisation

Removr’s research partner, providing technology verification and R&D support, and techno-economic assessments.


Einar Tyssen

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